WEBINAR – Jedi Memory

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“Jedi Memory” Masterclass – Unleash the Power of Your Memory!

Are you constantly concerned about your memory and its ability to recall names, lists, dates, and vital information? Say goodbye to those worries! Join us for an extraordinary Masterclass session designed specifically for trainers and educators in the adult learning field.

What to Expect:

Busting Memory Myths:  Discover the truth about your so-called “poor” memory. We’ll debunk common misconceptions and set the stage for unlocking your memory’s full potential.

Memory Feats That Astonish:  Push your grey matter to the limit and amaze yourself with memory feats. Learn how to recall twenty random items in their correct order, even mobile phone numbers backwards, establishing immediate credibility with your class and friends.

The End of Forgetting Names:  Bid farewell to the frustration of forgetting names. Acquire tricks that make remembering names a breeze, setting you apart and making you unforgettable.

Memory Aid: Sketching Techniques:  Explore the power of sketching as a memory aid. Learn how visual cues can significantly enhance your ability to recall information effortlessly.

Tech-Savvy Memory Recall:  Discover the best practices for using technology to enhance your memory recall. Sometimes, it’s the smartest thing to do!

Spaced Revision for Effective Study Recall: Master the art of spaced revision for optimal study recall. Save time and energy while achieving remarkable results. Get an 85-90% recall for 30minute of effort over 6 months.


Immediate Credibility: Establish immediate credibility with your class and friends as you showcase your newfound memory prowess.

Impressive Memory Skills: Look super impressive with your great new memory skills, making you stand out in personal and professional settings.

Time and Energy Savings: Say goodbye to the days of struggling to remember things. Save time and energy with your enhanced memory capabilities.

Teachable Skills: Learn skills you can pass on to your students and friends, elevating their learning experiences.

Recall Mastery: Implement a recall process that guarantees an 85/90% retention for a 30-minute effort over six months.

Bonus: For those who have experienced Laurie’s magic before, get ready for a special treat! Laurie will share his rarely disclosed technique of effortlessly recalling 20 random items, including recalling mobile phone numbers backward. This session promises to be not only educational but also a fantastic party trick to have up your sleeve for Christmas!

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to transform your memory skills. Join us for the “Jedi Memory” Masterclass and embark on a journey to memory mastery!

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WEBINAR – Jedi Memory

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