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Create Powerful Learning Environments

Be the master of the training environment – change a ‘tool’ into a valuable ‘asset’ for your training.
Whether you are training in a face-to-face workshop or via an online session, you need to be the master or mistress of the training environment. Quite often, sadly overlooking the training environment plays a pivotal role in setting the scene for what is to come, and how engaged your students might be. There are so many different things you can do to put yourself and your students at ease and activate the Prefrontal Thinking Cortex for the best learning outcome.

This webinar will not just look at what causes Anxiety and Stress in the Brain, but also how to minimize its negative effects on yourself and your students, so that the brain is eager and good learning can be achieved. Managing the Training Environment includes time issues, student behaviour, room and space (including online), nerves and technology, and the impact of stress on the brain and how to negate it. Again, as with all Brain Friendly Training, practical skills and ideas will be offered for you to experience for yourself to see how effective it truly is.. Start the whole process with the best learning environment you can create!

You will learn ABOUT and how to USE the following:

When it comes to Managing the Training environment there are five areas we need to be aware of to minimise anxiety for ourselves and our students.

  • Managing our own nerves and mindset as the trainer.
  • Having done the preparation, you know your material. Now you need to deliver it in a way that honours your effort and not lose your focus.
  • Managing our students’ Cortisol and Adrenaline levels to maximise learning. Simple and effective ideas that can be used to assist your students’ learning.
  • Managing any physical or virtual environment we are asked to train in. Don’t be thrown off by less than ideal environments. You are in control.
  • Managing the challenge of Time to work to our advantage, and to theirs. Maximise the time you are given.
  • Having your students arrive on time and mentally ready to learn once there. Tips that get them back from breaks on time, every time, without you being the time policeman.
  • Tricks and tips to Managing disruptive behaviours without losing your focus or energy.
  • Fun ways to stretch minds and extend the consolidation of learning
  • Training delivery skills interwoven with engaging, brain targeted focus to build retention and confident implementation of the skills you have been teaching.
  • and so much more…

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