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Embed Learning – Ensure Retention

Build Confidence – Building in a lifetime Retention of Content with a 6 step approach.

To be sure, demonstrating competency is vital during assessment, but building in lifetime retention of knowledge is a true gift. Demonstrating skills in an exam is fine, but actually using these skills confidently and accurately in the workplace is the goal of a dedicated trainer.
By incorporating our simple six step process in your training delivery, you can help you students to have lifetime mastery of any skills (because it’s not what you are teaching, it’s how you teach it !) You can also assist to embed that learning easily so that you are not constantly going back over previous content, again and again. There are various ways you can help this recall and retention, without your students even realising that’s what you are doing, and it absolutely works, and it’s a lot of fun for you and them! In this webinar, expect to experience these methods for yourself and realise how much it improves your own memory recall.

Being able to subtly use simple and effective retention and recall exercises with your students will give you the satisfaction of knowing that your efforts in planning and research will not be wasted; students won’t fail to recall, and will intuitively use, the skills you have been teaching. Educators who fail to build retention and recall exercises into their delivery run the risk of their efforts and teaching being forgotten and lost in the massive amount of information students have to deal with each day. In this webinar I have highlighted all that you will need to help design effective information recall into your learning programs, using regularly spaced revision activities with your students throughout your sessions, using a variety of tools that ensures student enjoyment through fun engagement. Join this webinar and get the skills to build their retention.

You will learn ABOUT and how to USE the following:

  • Understanding the importance of ongoing, built-in Retention and Revision activities throughout your sessions so your efforts are not forgotten by the learners
  • Learning a host of FUN, tried, tested and true activities designed to cement and recall information, easily and for the long term
  • Renowned Educator, Tony Buzan, the inventor of the term Mind Maps, believes symbols and drawings can vastly improve retention. The good news is that your drawing skills don’t have to be brilliant to be effective
  • The importance of music in learning to help with memory retention
  • Effectively using both hemispheres of the learner’s brain with Clustering, Storyboarding, Brain Dumping and Mind Mapping to build retention
  • How vital it is to record the success stories of your students to build their confidence (and that of other participants) so that your material is real and relevant
  • Looking at how you currently review, recall, revise or revisit – and making it more effective
  • Fun ways to stretch minds and extend the consolidation of learning
  • Training delivery skills interwoven with engaging, brain targeted focus to build retention and confident implementation of the skills you have been teaching
  • and so much more…

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