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Setting Students Up For Success

Avoid learner overload!
Ensure students ‘experience’ the Learning, not just ‘hear’ content. Don’t make this common mistake — tell them and tell them and tell them, again and again … and keep telling them what you have told them until they get it. Newsflash! They’re not going to get it!

Training delivery must be Brain Friendly and Engaging to be successful. Too often trainers omit simple things from their delivery that can easily and quickly engage the Brain, yet it’s so simple to do. Remember: one style of presentation does not fit all. Unfortunately about only 8% of Learners actually learn primarily through the auditory sense. So lecturing to, and talking at, participants will not cut it. Your training, including your training environment, has to be “Multi-Sensory” if you want to maximise learning and knowledge recall.

Trainers very often have content expertise gathered over many years of experience, and their inclination is to ‘dump’ this entire knowledge and expertise in a very short, time-restricted training workshop. Learner overload ensues. It becomes all about the Trainer downloading information, NOT the learner absorbing the knowledge and filing it away for later as needed. If you really want your training to have impact, then enjoy this webinar that reveals an integral Brain Friendly rule to follow. You’ll also experience a wealth of Ideas to keep them engaged and ‘doing’ and not ‘drowning’. Set them up for success, don’t fail them for lack of brain friendly delivery skills to truly make their learning experience brilliant and worthwhile.

You will learn ABOUT and how to USE the following:

  • How to ensure your students learn to create new neuro pathways for learning, not just consume your rhetoric
  • Understanding the importance of pattern finding and brain connections
  • Realising that immersion is key to learning; not just dipping here and there
  • Incorporating the senses in learning and their importance when laying down memory and recall opportunities
  • Utilizing an emphasis on VAKT packed into a range of activities, tips and strategies for learning
  • Additional ways to harness the use of smart phones and media
  • Organising discussion groups and the importance of chat buddies
  • Ways to generate interest and raise energy in the room
  • Learning whole body activities to capture their attention
  • Unpacking the Tactile learner and why they need to be catered for in classroom situations
  • Training delivery skills interwoven with engaging, brain targeted focus
  • and so much more…

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