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Learners are Unique – Leaving No Student Behind

Available as both Public and In-house Webinar

Empowering, Engaging & Exciting – Catering for the Uniqueness of Learners and how to activate the senses for maximum recall and long-term retention of content.

The greatest gift an educator can give a student is an experience of learning that is Empowering, Engaging and Exciting – one that consequently ignites a desire for continuous improvement. When we teach the way students learn, they learn fast, retain the information and have the confidence to use the new skills learnt. As educators, we do our job with less stress knowing we are using techniques that facilitate impactful, successful learning.
This will be a fun webinar session where you will experience the art of empowering all learners while understanding how unique each student is with their absorption of knowledge. Ensure your training hits all the learning style targets in your classroom and leave no student behind.

You will learn ABOUT and how to USE the following:

  • Ensuring your focus is targeting all students by configuring your content delivery to their learning style
  • Unpacking the Learning Style model and 5 levels of Stimuli and Elements involved in learning absorption
  • Learning impactful ways to gather information from groups with the 1:2:ALL rule
  • Brain hemispheres, dominances and influences on learning
  • Utilizing Mind-Maps to best advantage for learners as an ideas stimulator
  • Powering up with Clustering and the Cinderella Process – right brain dump/left brain order
  • Understanding Reflective and Impulsive learners and how to get the best input from each
  • Using games to embed learning
  • Pre-Reading techniques to enhance learning time and improve time management
  • Increasing the power of Pre-Knowledge and reducing study time
  • Experiencing the use of Multiple Intelligences in training to convey concepts and theory
  • Commanding your audience through language and Neuro Linguistic Programming
  • Training delivery skills interwoven with engaging, brain targeted focus
  • and so much more…

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