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Crafting Workshops with Impact! Maximizing Relevance for Your Learners


Ensure Your Workshops that are real & relevant with lots of WIIFM’s and takeaways. Training has to be more than ticking the boxes for the sanity of our students and ourselves. There is nothing worse than being asked by the Training and Development Department to train some dry, compulsory theory topic that they have all heard before and all know the answers to, because they have all… ‘done this one before’. Their body language says it all – ‘not again…I dare you to get me interested…What time is lunch?’

In workplace training we have learners who come along with various motivations and interest levels about the session’s topic that they have been “encouraged” to attend. In order to design workshops that are Real and Relevant for the learners we need to look at the marketing adage – The “W.I.I.F.M.” i.e.: What’s In It For them.

Too many times trainers focus on the features and technicalities of the training, rather than the benefits that a true mastery of these techniques will give the participants in their own personal lives. Mastering how to formulate the WIIFM in your design and delivery will give you back your passion for training, no matter what your topic. Watch your students come alive in your classroom!

You will learn ABOUT and how to USE the following:


  • Unpacking the second Principle of State: Real and Relevant – content designed to progress learning, not clutter the mind
  • Why it’s vital to activate the power of the R.A.S. brain, and how to utilize it prior to setting learning activities
  • Lassoing an important sales pitch and turning it to a training advantage – the W.I.I.F.M. principle
  • Learning to reveal features and benefits of knowledge uptake, and the power of asking ‘so what?’
  • Planning the three stages of workshop success: Pre / During / Post event logistics and goals
  • Important requirements for a successful learning experience BEFORE they arrive
  • Why the Line Manager of any organisation is key to successful learning
  • Learning to identify the right questions to ask for an optimum outcome post-workshop
  • Harnessing the power of pre-learning and foundational knowledge via media
  • Identifying ways to build early success and excitement in your participants
  • The VAKT in action for real and relevant knowledge transfer and assimilation
  • Experiencing the workshop from a learner’s point of view: motivation, practice, roles, immersion, transfer, engagement
  • Ensuring adequate revision and reinforcement activities are factored into your post-event plans
  • Utilizing the power of satisfied customers and word of mouth recommendations to build your reputation
  • Training delivery skills interwoven with engaging, brain targeted focus
  • and so much more…

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