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Engagement is the Name of the Game – Establishing and Keeping Learner Engagement

Facilitate learning to be powerful and impactful in supporting long-term recall. Hook them, captivate them, keep them engaged – excite, motivate & engage learners.

There are 5 big ‘States’ for learning which active the brain’s chemicals, functions and neuro-centres to maximise learning outcomes. These include: peptide molecules, amino acids, parietal and frontal lobe engagement, noradrenalin, amygdale engagement, cortisol, dopamine and many others. A smorgasbord of chemicals to either enhance or hinder learning. Learn how to “Hook ’em early and get ’em curious” with a natural, brain-chemically-enhanced experience of excitement, curiosity, fun and wonder.

Begin your session by getting them curious. Stimulate the desire to learn the answer to a problem, thus activating the reward system of the brain so that, even before the answer is given, the state of curiosity provides a reward and a positive feeling. The Reticular Activation System (or R.A.S.) of the brain is engaged, as is the Parietal and Frontal lobes (the human thinking part of our brain).

We will experience simple ways to achieve this Early Engagement with some good framing-up activities. We need to get learners mentally and attitudinally present in the room, as well as physically there. These processes are simple, refreshing, practical and totally relevant to the challenges of teaching today. Refresh and upgrade your skills, and excite your students to learn … and keep on learning! 

You will learn ABOUT and how to USE the following:


  • Setting up an exciting journey to engage curiosity and satisfy the Global learners
  • Manifesting a sense of positive anticipation for learners when they enter your classroom, and why this is important
  • Positive effects of attention-grabbing starts from the very beginning
  • Generating states of curiosity and the powerful impact this has on learning success
  • Designing activities to get them unconsciously questioning and seeking answers
  • Reaping learning rewards from harnessing the learner’s own sense of challenge and victory
  • Understanding the concept of STATE and how to manipulate it for learning outcomes
  • Ways to engage through unexpected situations and segues
  • Realising there are five main learning STATES and how to include them for optimum impact
  • Acknowledging the importance of fun throughout your lessons
  • Suggestions to help you engage student attention and focus to ensure you are delivering your content to open minds
  • Tip, tricks, and techniques galore for you to ‘market research’ and steal/implement for yourself
  • Training delivery skills interwoven with engaging, brain targeted focus
  • and so much more…

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