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Training with the Brain in Mind 

Have fun, stretch your own thinking & experience some brain friendly training skills!

Facilitate learning to be powerful & impactful and supporting long-term recall.

Delivering content in a brain friendly way, in any training environment, will get your message across quickly and successfully. Learners learn easily, and that learning sticks forever. From the advances in neuroscience we now know a lot more about the brain and how learning happens and ways we can facilitate this learning to be powerful, impactful and with long-term recall.

In this workshop you can expect to experience brain friendly learning in practice, understand its impact for yourself and witness how easy it is to implement into any learning context. Word of mouth referrals are the life-blood for any trainer or RTO and are the most cost-effective marketing tool that we have – and it’s vital. Positive referrals come from happy clients. These clients are participants who received top quality training that engaged and inspired them, with instant practical learning transfer back into the workplace.

Maintain your currency and competency, and be prepared to have fun and stretch your own thinking as you experience some brain friendly training skills. We promise lots of ideas you can immediately use in your own practice. You and your students will love it – guaranteed!

You will learn ABOUT and how to USE the following:

  • Experiencing the ‘talk being walked’ with engagement guaranteed
  • Instantly applicable practical Ideas to use in your classroom immediately, not just theory to research
  • Understanding perceptual learning styles
  • Unpacking learning tendencies and dominances
  • Enhancing mental recall and memory skills
  • Building Neuron patterns
  • Utilizing group interaction – in person/online
  • Fostering Group information sharing – in person/online
  • Dissecting the 5 essential Principles of BFT based training and their application when training
  • Learning how to Value Add and enhance retention of content
  • Overviewing the important of engaging the R.A.S. and detailing the Journey
  • Perfecting the use of Universals
  • Knowing why Conscious Convincers are so important
  • Recalling techniques via your own experience
  • Training delivery skills interwoven with engaging, brain targeted focus
  • and so much more…

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