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Training with the Brain in Mind

Unlock the Power of Brain-Centric Training

Embark on a journey of dynamic professional development that promises not only to enhance your training skills but also to revolutionize the way you facilitate learning. Join us for an immersive webinar, “Training with the Brain in Mind,” where we blend knowledge from cutting-edge neuroscience with practical techniques for impactful and enduring training.

Discover the Art of Brain-Friendly Learning

Engage in an enriching experience that transcends traditional training boundaries. This webinar is designed to not only stretch your thinking but also make learning a joyous endeavor. Uncover the secrets to delivering content in a brain-friendly manner, ensuring that your message resonates quickly and effectively in any training environment.

What to Expect...

Hands-On Learning: Immerse yourself in brain-friendly training practices and witness their immediate impact on various learning contexts.

Practical Application: Move beyond theory as we provide instantly applicable ideas for your classroom, fostering immediate learning transfer.

Understanding Learning Dynamics: Delve into perceptual learning styles, unpack learning tendencies, and explore how to enhance mental recall and memory skills.

Group Dynamics: Master the art of utilizing group interaction, both in-person and online, fostering information sharing and collaborative learning.

BFT-Based Training Principles: Explore the 5 essential principles of Brain-Friendly Training (BFT) and learn how to apply them effectively in your training sessions.

Retention Enhancement: Discover techniques to add value and enhance content retention, ensuring a lasting impact on your learners.

Neuroscience Insights: Gain insights into engaging the Reticular Activating System (R.A.S.) and understand the transformative journey of effective training.

Practical Skills: Perfect the use of universals, comprehend the significance of Conscious Convincers, and refine your training delivery skills with a focus on brain-targeted engagement.

And More: Uncover a wealth of knowledge with additional insights and techniques, setting the stage for eight subsequent webinars to further build and extend your newfound skills

Stay ahead in your field, inspire your students, and make learning an unforgettable experience. Join us for a webinar that promises not just professional development, but a paradigm shift in the way you approach training. Your journey to brain-centric training starts here!

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