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Transforming your training delivery will improve the outcomes you achieve. We will show you how with our brain-friendly approach!

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Laurie Kelly and the team has been involved in this environment for more than 30 years. They bring brain-friendly training techniques to the training industry, corporates and individuals.

Our face-to-face sessions and workshops have been vital in spreading the word! Our message is one where we encourage learning that uses fun and change-of-state activities. Training should be delivered in a way that ensures that the best results will be the outcome.

We believe that face-to-face training is the most effective method of training. However, we accept that the online learning world is growing quickly. Whilst still offering public and inhouse face to face workshops for Educators we have developed our popular 2-day TRAINERS INTENSIVE workshop into an online series. That means this invaluable resource is now available to all, to learn at their own pace and in their own time.

This 96-lesson series is continually growing and being developed. It includes face-to-face and online training techniques and is now available via subscription. If you would prefer to purchase outright, then you can do this too.

A Lifetime’s worth of knowledge, and training tips, tricks, and techniques, all together in one learning platform, why wouldn’t you?

Find the right tools to enhance your tool kit as a great Educator

A new level of excellence...

Master Trainer Series

This 96 lesson (and growing) series, which includes face to face and online training techniques is now available via subscription to an online platform; or via outright purchase, for RTO’s worldwide. 

This is a Lifetime’s worth of knowledge, and training tips, tricks and techniques, all together in one learning platform!

Getting back to basics...

Learning How to Learn

This course is for all learners from high school to university. Cut study time by half and see results improve!

  • 14 Video Lessons
  • Activities
  • Resources
  • Over 160 study tips
For RTOs and those is the VET sector programs, they will help you meet your obligations under guideline 1.7 of the RTO standards.

Fun learning for the whole team...


When knowledge is critical for your business the first place to start is making sure your employees will remain AND be able to apply the info later!

Our webinars and workshops are jam-packed with study and revision tips that your whole team can apply right away in your business. 

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Make it Memorable!

If your students can't apply what they've learned they won't tell other people. Make your teachings stick with these handy "in session" revision tips.