The Jedi Memory and Great Training

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A Brainy approach

This highly practical workshop will rekindle both your passion for teaching and your student’s desire to learn.   Recapture your enthusiasm with techniques which will ensure your delivery is motivating, attention-grabbing and enjoyable, both for you and your students.

The Experience of Learning is more than just ‘consumption’ of information. It is about innovation, action and the experience of excellent education.

For real learning and transfer of skills to take place, there must be a connection created within the learners’ brains. Your role is to become a benevolent Manipulator in making this magic happen! Learning is about connecting brain cells.  We need to look at what we are offering students in our Training delivery. Do we :

  • stimulate their brain’s curiosity?
  • touch their hearts?
  • shift their headspace and thinking?
  • equip them with hands-on skills?
  • move their feet into action?

This Presentation will both challenge you, and have you experience what this information means for you and your learning and delivery design. Be prepared to have fun and to shift mental mindsets. It will not be a ‘talk-fest’, but an experience where magic will happen, and practical skills will be learned. It might even improve your memory!

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