Sue-Ellen Kusher

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Impressions are everything. In business they elicit responses, set expectations, direct and misdirect decisions and account for part of every interaction we have.  They hold weight and they require our attention before, during, and after every part of our day. It’s easy to inadvertently think that we only make an impression when we set out to, when in fact we make an impression whether we try to or not.

Behavioural impact happens all the time and in business your identity is built by what you do and not so much by what you say!

To be more purposeful in any pursuit, you have to engage your consciousness and then add some specific tactics to create the impact you want.

Since 1995 Sue-Ellen has been helping people find ways of accessing, learning, testing and perfecting techniques that work for them. She specializes in environments requiring complex communication – presentation, conflict, motivation, performance management and especially Leadership. As a learning facilitator and a Master Practitioner of NLP (the study of behavioural excellence) her skill set is aided by her accreditation in assessment and development tools focused on Emotional Intelligence, Transactional Analysis, Personality Profiling, and Mediation.

More recently the digital environment has been an additional area of focus developing unique and timely learning methods.

With a strong customer service history, Sue-Ellen has owned retail businesses, been an award-winning marketing manager (for four consecutive years), an actor, a successful and nationally dominant sales professional, a state and national performance winner, a learning exporter and a profitable business consultant who offers a wealth of experience and practical know-how for her clients.

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