Maintaining Sanity in Times of Change

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How they can help themselves

A passer-by noticed a workman struggling to fell a tree. The longer he watched, the more he realised the workman was using a blunt tool, and just sawing and sawing away, and making very little impression on the tree. He said: ’Excuse me, but you seem to be really doing it the hard way. Your blade is blunt and worn out. Why not stop and sharpen your saw?’ The workman replied: ‘Stop? I can’t stop! I haven’t got time to stop and sharpen a saw. Can’t you see the thickness of this tree?’ and he continued on sawing and sawing and sawing…’

This workshop is unashamedly about Rekindling your Spirit with simple techniques to maintain both the passion and the vision. The impossible IS possible, as long as we take time to work with our brain’s natural cycles, and have a mindset of flexibility.

As busy professionals we need to be aware of the concepts and skills available to help us Understand, Retain and Act upon what we need to know, as quickly as possible.

With so much to do, and in so little time ‘what are your options?’ you ask.  Well, this programme includes some excellent ideas to help with that – options, ideas, tips, tricks, skills and strategies designed to help you work smarter and maintain sanity.

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