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Video 1: Embarking on Your Learning Adventure

This initial video serves as a gateway to your learning adventure. Experience a complimentary introduction that sets the stage for practical insights, promising to revolutionize your study routine. Join us as we unveil the secrets to learning HOW you learn

Video 2: Each of Us is Unique

Discover the potency of your unique learning and perceptual style—Visual, Auditory, Kinaesthetic, or Tactile. With over 14 tips tailored to diverse learning styles, you’ll possess the key to studying effortlessly and triumphantly. Embrace the strengths of your preferred style while engaging all your senses for optimal learning.

Video 3: Making Sense of Your School Experience

Delve into the dynamics of left/right brain tendencies and their impact on your academic path. Explore how your past experiences can either propel you forward or act as stumbling blocks. Strike a balance between logical and creative approaches, learning to leverage your brain tendencies for maximum success in your studies.

Video 4: Doing it Your Way

Gain profound insights into emotional, sociological, physiological, and psychological factors influencing your learning effectiveness. Dive into the intricacies of doing it your way and aligning your study approach with your unique preferences.

Video 5: Old Thinking Can Propel Us Forward or Hold Us Back 

Examine the influence of old thinking and belief systems on your learning. Understand the neural processes at play and discover strategies to reframe your thinking when it comes to studying. Rewrite your mental script for a more effective and empowering learning experience.

Video 6: Setting Yourself Up for Success

Unlock the secrets to setting yourself up for study success with simple yet powerful techniques. Lay a solid foundation for knowledge retention and spark your curiosity for upcoming topics. Success in learning is about efficiently absorbing information that sticks with you over time.

Video 7: Note Taking with the Brain in Mind

Transform your note-taking experience with the brain in mind. Explore the EASY way to take effective notes that align with your personal learning styles. Engage the correct brain patterns to make note-taking easy, efficient, and instantly memorable.

Video 8: Mastering Time to Work for Us

Discover the art of making time your ally in the realm of studying. Learn to optimize your study sessions without draining yourself. Uncover the strategies to train your brain to make time work for you, ensuring a balanced and effective approach to learning.

Video 9: Revision and Long-term Retention

Dive into proven revision strategies that elevate your long-term retention to an impressive 87-90%. Understand the intricacies of how your brain processes revision, recall, exams, and tests. Clever revising leads to embedded retention and quick retrieval of knowledge.

Video 10: Assignments on Time and on Purpose

Bid farewell to assignment stress with practical tips on timely and purposeful submissions. Explore ways to streamline your assignment writing process, ensuring a smooth and successful academic journey.

Video 11:  When Will power is Not Enough

Explore the realm of study fitness and discover how simple practices can build mental resilience. Learn how to turn study sessions from exhausting to exhilarating, even when willpower falls short.

Video 12: What Top Students Do and Visualisation

Uncover the habits of top-performing students and understand that IQ isn’t everything. Learn the keys to setting yourself up for success as a learner, including the power of visualization in achieving your goals.

Video 13: The Skill of Sport Visualisation with Study – Peak Performance

Tap into the mental game of peak performance with techniques borrowed from sports visualization. Elevate your learning experience by integrating these powerful strategies into your study routine.

Video 14: Beating Anxiety in the Learning Environment – Clearing the Head Address anxiety head-on, exploring its impact on the brain and discovering natural ways to reduce it. Embrace the importance of being present in the moment and witness how it transforms your learning journey.


BONUS VIDEO 1: Firing Up the Senses

The senses are our allies! To Maximise the potential of the brain to take in, store and recall information, the use of all our senses is so important. For this reason, we aim at firing up all the senses in our learning and this video gives you some ideas on how to do this.

BONUS VIDEO 2: A Whole Brain Approach

Why our brain may influence our learning! While we no longer talk about Left and Right Brain dominant learners because of recent studies in Brain plasticity, this video module looks at Left and Right Brain tendencies. It is still very useful to look at Left and Right brain thinking and tendencies as this has real implications for learners.

Practical Videos

16 prepared and instantly useable videos that are available online so you can get started straight away.

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Lessons are an average of 10 mins, so they are sharp, and to the point. The emphasis is on the practical skills, so you don’t get overwhelmed with theory.

Packed With Tips

Learn study tips and tricks and be amazed and impressed with what you can achieve

Get Faster at Studying

Understand how to reduce your reading time and massively increase your comprehension

Learn Fast Recall

Easy and instant memory recall - implement an effective way to set up your brain to remember and recall all information, even 6 months after learning it.

Additional Learning

Additional support material for each video, e.g.: YouTube links, for a deeper understanding.


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