Tuesday 28th February
10am - 11am - AEST (Brisbane)

How do you get your learners to focus, and enter an alert state ready for learning?

Students can be limited by their school experience. Help them discover how THEY learn best, they can learn anything!

Learning HOW to Learn - Why is this different?

This program will assist your students in understanding how they learn best.

And then give them skills to absorb information and retain it easily and permanently.

Practical Videos

14 prepared and instantly useable videos that are available online so you can get started straight away.

Short Lessons

Lessons are an average of 10 mins, so they are sharp, and to the point. The emphasis is on the practical skills, so you don’t get overwhelmed with theory.

Packed With Tips

Learn study tips and tricks and be amazed and impressed with what you can achieve

Get Faster at Studying

Understand how to reduce your reading time and massively increase your comprehension

Learn Fast Recall

Easy and instant memory recall - implement an effective way to set up your brain to remember and recall all information, even 6 months after learning it.

Additional Learning

Additional support material for each video, e.g.: YouTube links, for a deeper understanding.


Monday 28th February
10am - 11am - AEST (Brisbane)

This course is for all learners – be it high school, VET, University or any other learning. Cut your study time by half and see your results improve!