Laurie Kelly

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Prior to teaching he worked with street and unemployed youth in the Fortitude Valley area of Brisbane. That was where his passion for education began .

From 1980 to 1983 as an Education consultant he oversaw the setting up of dozens of ‘School to Work’ Transition Programs in High schools throughout Queensland for ‘at risk’ kids.

His work also involved the pioneering of Career Education Programs and School/ TAFE linked courses, which were the pre-runner to the current VET pathways in our schools. After four years in this consultancy role he returned to the classroom and set up his own program for school-weary students, with tremendous success. This culmination of experiences set him on a journey to understand how people learn and how teaching must engage the learner.

After several years in schools, he moved into presenting in the corporate world where he has concentrated on sharing ideas and methods to make learning ‘stick’. He has been very prominent and in high demand in the VET sector and presents all over Australia and internationally, in private RTOs, TAFEs, government departments and all areas of training. These include working with educators at Energex, Emergency Services, The Defence Force, Allied Health professionals, nursing groups, consulting doctors at major hospitals, engineering and accounting firms, Salvation Army and many, many others.

All teachers can embed his simple and effective ideas, many based on his intimate understanding of NLP, to make learning more effective. His presentations are engaging, collaborative, hilarious and achievable. Educators do not have to change what they are doing, but simply embed or add his ideas to their daily repertoire.


Laurie has worked with both Eric Frangenheim & Sue Ellen Kusher over many years at various workshops and conferences for his clients, to add value to his training and avail organizations of the wealth of experience on offer from the collaborative efforts of three experts in their fields and at the cutting edge of brain friendly training techniques.

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