Eric Frangenheim

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Eric Frangenheim is one of Australia’s leading educational consultants and authors. His focus is to equip teachers, trainers and facilitators with the skills and strategies to create thinking and engaging learning environments. Eric’s dynamic presenting style, combined with his extensive experience and passion for pedagogical thinking and learning strategies, makes him one of the most sought-after presenters in schools and education organisations, as well as in the corporate world.

Since December 1995, Eric has been an independent education consultant and is the director of Rodin Educational Consultancy. He has presented several thousand workshops on thinking skills and better learner engagement for schools and corporate training institutions all over Australia and New Zealand. Eric has also presented in PNG, The Republic of Nauru, Singapore, Abu Dhabi, the USA, South Africa, Indonesia and India.

His passion for great thinking is accompanied by a specific set of tools that educators and managers can use to really extend all participants to gain concrete results from their combined wisdom. Eric’s facilitation tools are brilliant in the learning environment and for meetings and strategic team planning.

He is a prolific writer with his Thinking Skills book selling now in its 11th Edition and selling over 35,000 copies. Cartoon Conversations and Thinking Tools Templates (both e-books) are aimed at promoting the use of thinking and learning strategies in the education environment, the workplace and in the corporate world. He has several other e-book resources for educators, coaches and parents at

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