Empowering the Learner: Part 2 – How they can help themselves

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Most RTOs offer basic Learning Styles information to their students in the first week or two of their course, but do you tease out for students what it really means, and how they can use the current understanding of Neuro-science to their learning advantage?

Empowering Learners with knowledge from the principles of Brain Friendly Learning and how this applies to their OWN learning will equip them with skills to seek out and identify the best ways for THEM to learn, whilst learning with you and in the future, for the rest of their lives. 

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Early Engagement

As great learning developers, it is our role is to give learners a positive learning experience, so that they learn fast and, most importantly, the learning sticks in their mind, for long term retention and retrieval of information. You may have them physically switched onto the learning module but it’s vital that you get them mentally present and ready to learn….

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WEBINAR – Jedi Memory

This will be a fun webinar that will blow your mind as to how powerful your memory really is….. once you know how to use some simple tools and tricks to activate short and long term memory.

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