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 “On average 17 hours per week are spent in meetings – most are less than productive.”

Strategies to Change Meeting Dynamic

Attention Meeting leaders and facilitators

Sometimes, when you are asked to run a team meeting on strategic planning, marketing and decision making, it would be nice to have some simple ideas and activities to get the group started, so they can quickly understand and assess the problem, evaluate the solutions and come up with creative ways to move forward. This is what this program is about. It can mean the difference between a band-aid solution or innovative growth!

Participants who attend this workshop will experience techniques to:

  • involve everyone in the discussion
  • get the introverts contributing
  • excite the team about the possibilities
  • make staff and other meetings more effective
  • save everyone’s time and patience
  • improve co-operation among staff members
  • discover techniques to ensure each person will be heard (not just the vocal few)
  • improve the level of discussion, debate and decision-making
  • promote the conditions for objectivity and harness the energy that can arise from conflicting viewpoints
  • get groups to focus on possibility thinking rather than negative blocks
  • foster the “thinking” mind-set
  • make work and everyday situations become so much easier
  • create “higher-order” thinking
  • produce better results, products, effects and conclusions

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