BRAIN NUTRITION: Food for Thought

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There are 100,000 miles of blood vessels in the brain!

Eat a healthy breakfast to feed your brain and jump start it into action first thing in the morning.  This will boost your productivity for the whole day and keep your focus keen. Below are some tips for eating for your brain .. and why … .

1. Eggs

Eggs contain Choline, a B vitamin that can help improve memory and brain & liver function.  They also contain Protein which can also help you concentrate as well as assist with stabilizing your blood sugar.  Traditional breakfast food for a reason!

2. Grains

Theseare an important part of our diet as they are converted by our body fromcarbohydrates into glucose, which is the brain’s favourite nutrient. They contain B Vitamins which help with concentration and general brain health overtime and should be consumed as whole as possible – every stage of refining(bleaching, removing the fibre etc.) renders the grain less effective.  The best way is to ferment the whole grain or ‘groat’ prior to cooking – bring your food ALIVE !

3. Fruit – particularly Grapes & Blueberries & all things Berry

How are your antioxidant levels?  Improved with a handful of rich berries of a morning (added to your grains? A smoothie anyone?)

Berries are brilliant for overall brain health and reducing stress and inflammation.

All berries are rich in tannins.  They protect brains cell and help improve memory, learning, thinking, thanks to being stuffed full of antioxidants and other phytochemicals.  Added to porridge or yoghurt they can be a yummy and brain enhancing start to your day.

Apples are particularly good for the brain, containing quercetin, an antioxidant plant chemical that protects brain cells from free radical attacks – but make sure you eat it skin on (washed first thoroughly, of course)!

4. Almonds

Ahandful of almonds are all you need to give yourself some much needed Vitamin E on a daily basis.  They are packed full of fibre, protein, Vitamin E and healthy fats and assist your brain with energy and staying focused. They also can prevent cognitive decline in brain function and assist with regulating your blood sugar.  They are delicious whole as a snack, or ground/slivered into oatmeal, quinoa cereal (with a handful of sultanas) or in a bircher or general muesli.  Made into a fresh cup of almond milk, sweetened with raw honey, is a special treat, just for your brain. Remember though, to get the best from any nut or seed or grain it’s best to soak them first to activate the living enzymes and make it easier for the body to access nutrients.

6. Oats

Oats contain iron, zinc, potassium and B vitamins, nutrients that help brain development and help the brain to function at full capacity.The fiber contained in oats will also help keep hunger at bay until your next meal.  Soaking and fermenting is the way to get the best from your groats!

7.  Water

Water is what we are made up of on a 70% scale, according to scientists.  If you just pop yourself in your morning blender one day, and hit Turbo, you’d find that once all the ‘bits’ had been strained off, the remaining liquid would average out at 70% of your total body mass. So it is only wise to assume that then body’s cells need regular irrigation for cleansing and lubricating needs.  A tired brain will wake far more effectively on water, than on Tea or Coffee.  A good habit to get into is to enjoy a glass of pure water first thing every morning when you wake up.  It’s good for your health, your brain, your blood and your cleaning system.  Add a little fresh lemon juice to the mix and you’re having a shower on the inside and prepping your brain for the day ahead.  Remember, healthy bodies prefer filtered water !

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