Brain Friendly Training

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Brain Friendly Training – Learner’s learn, and learning Sticks!.

It is a workshop full of ideas to excite and engage your students, no matter what content you are teaching. You will experience PROCESSES that are simple, refreshing, practical and totally relevant to the challenges of teaching today.

The greatest gift an Educator can give a student is an experience of Learning that is Empowering, Engaging and Exciting – one that consequently ignites a desire for continuous improvement

When we teach the way that students learn, they learn fast, retain the information and have the confidence to use the newly learned skills. As Educators we do our job with less stress, knowing we are using techniques that facilitate excellent learning.

What are the 5 Principles?

  • It Real – make it highly business and life focused – activate the W.I.I.F.M. rule
  • State is Everything – get participants into a highly motivated, resourceful state to learn. They will then use this state when applying the learning
  • Honour Uniqueness and Difference – tailor training to the learning styles of the participants and to the unique culture of the organization
  • Make the training Rich and Multi-sensory       
  • Have participants create Meaning with the information, so they will use it

To practically demonstrate this we will focus on practical ways to cater for different learners using individual learning styles and a plethora of ways to entice learners’ brains to absorb all that you have to teach … and then some!

Maintaining your trainer and assessor currency is a requirement of the AQTF Standards, it is also an investment in your professionalism and your students’ success.

Experience Brain Learning in Practice and see how easy it is to implement into any learning context. Great teaching has the additional benefit of leading to great word of mouth referrals for your business as well.

‘Word of Mouth’ referrals are the life-blood for any trainer or RTO and are the most cost effective marketing tool that we have. These referrals come from happy clients. These clients are participants who received quality training that engaged and inspired them with practical learning transfer into the workplace.

Maintain your currency and competency, and be prepared to have fun and stretch your own thinking as you experience some Brain Friendly training, AND lots of ideas you can immediately use in your own practice. Be inspired to ignite the desire for continuous improvement – you and your students will love it …

… Train the brain-way, and their hemispheres will love you …

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