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Information.. …Information…more Information ….how do we cope.?

 …Well cope we do, but at what expense….. workwise and personally.

“Life Long learning” and “Continuous Learning”  are terms we are familiar with in the workplace, be   it formal learning or just getting on top of the massive amount of Information that comes across our desks and roles each day.

Why teach you staff how to Learn and recall information quickly and effortlessly. It will save time and reduces stress whilst empowering them to be able to learn the way they learn best and the learning will stick.

A lot of money and time is invested in staff training yet many of our staff are feeling overwhelmed with the amount of new content they have to take on and understand .

No matter how old we are, School rarely taught us how  to learn by using ways that suit our unique strengths. Now with new research into the Brain and Brain plasticity we can help people save time and stress by giving them insights into how they learn best.

For new staff recruits and existing staff this program will primarily assist your learners in understanding how they learn, and then give them skills in how to absorb information and retain it easily and permanently, based on their understanding, knowledge and experience of their own unique way of learning.

If this happens your job as a Learning and Development or H.R. will be so much more rewarding because staff will feel that they can take information in quickly and have it stick and your training programs will see even greater positive results.

This program is run In-house , on-line and through our Learning How to Learn videos

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